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Ads-free Social Network

Privacy-respecting alternative to Facebook

ComsChatter ads-free social network protects user privacy in every way possile, not least by avoiding advertising and the privacy-violating 3rd-party cookies and code that come with it. In terms of user-data-privacy, Coms is sublimely innocuous.
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ComsChatter is the social network, and ComsMessenger is the encrypted messaging and video calling app - both are accessd by log-in at

Community-owned Social Network

Seeing Coms as a community-owned network, founder and CEO Craig Dunn says: "Members are invited to effect the site's operation by expressing preferences, suggestions, even making complaints in discussion with Coms Support - help us make Coms do what you need it to do."
"Our members define what ComsChatter is", Dunn declares, "- they put their lives online, expressing personal and professional views, and we help them do that safely by providing in-app content filters and human content moderation directed by community preferences, by maintaining a commonly-appreciated level of decency and by steering clear of commercial influence."
"If we pursue advertising revenue," says Coms founder Craig Dunn, "we have to allow 3rd-party cookies and embed javascript code from networks that build psychological profiles of people with the intention of affecting the way they think, for commercial gain - which is exctly what we seek to avoid!"
"We provide an alternative to Facebook and other data-raping social media that don't respect their users' privacy, or even their mental health. ComsChatter's cool - a social network that does not collect any data about you, does not claim to own your content, and does not try to mess with your mind."

Encrypted Messaging and Video Calls

ComsMessenger and CallStudio bring the absolute security of P2P-enabled messaging plus voice + video calls, protecting communications to the ultimate degree.

No 3rd-party cookies

Coms uses one optional cookie to assist automatic login logged in, plus a self-terminating secure session cookie to provide cohesion between pages in the app. There is no tracking of user actions, no recording of mouse and touch events, no curation of user behaviour at all.
Content is moderated in accordance with the principles of Coms' Terms of Service and at the direction of community reports and guidelines.
Coms is free to use, but after 30 days the app invites users to contribute 29 US dollars each year to help the platform stay ads-free. Contributers do not see this message again until a year has passed.
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