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Coms Chatter Social Network

On Coms Chatter social network you get your own URL that you can spread around - your own page in the Coms Chatter stream.
You can follow and be followed, build contacts old and new, create and join focus groups - all in the coolness of no ads or outside-commercial influence.
Coms Chatter social network is part of the Coms Communicator suite, an encrypted messaging and video calling social app which avoids ads and cookies, preventing data-mining and behaviour-tracking - a private alternative to Facebook.
Use Coms Chatter's network to communicate with friends and family, use it for work and even develop your own group pages. Be as public or as private as you like.


  • Become a Member
    Become a Coms Member with only a username and password (no email, tel# required).
  • Privacy
    Your Chatter posts:
    In Settings, choose Chatter posts visible only to Contacts to stay hidden from people you are not in contact with, or choose Chatter posts visible to Everyone to be visible to all Chatter users. Individual posts also have a Private checkbox.
    Your Avatar image and Profile Statement:
    In Settings, choose Profile visible only to Contacts to stay hidden from people you are not in contact with, or choose Profile listed on the People page to be visible to all Coms users and thereby available for contact from people you may not know.
  • Pages
    ComsChatter has 3 tabs:
    • Pages
      - contains a link to your page and links to all the groups you belong to.On your own page and your group pages you can set the avatar image and profile statement and you can pin a public post to the top to serve as a page header. Your page can be visited by everyone who can see your posts.
    • Following
      - contains your own posts and posts by everyone you are following. Use Follow / Unfollow to manage what you see in your Following feed.
    • Everyone
      - contains every post on ComsChatter except posts by people you have Blocked. Proceed with care - the Everyone stream can be an interesting source of new people to follow and contact.
  • Profile Statement
    This is a short text intended to introduce and present yourself to the community.
  • Avatar
    This can be a photo taken with your webcam or an image uploaded from your device (4 x 3 format).
  • Comments
    You can comment on posts, and comment on comments, and comment on comments to comments.
  • Thumbs up
    You can vote positively on posts and comments using the thumbs-up icon. (This has no ranking function - it just gives the post author a little positive feedback).
  • Follow / Un-follow
    Add Chatter members to Home using Follow;remove them using Un-follow.
  • Block
    Block Chatter members whose posts you don't like so you never have to see them again. (You can un-do Blocks in Settings).
  • Photos
    You can upload photos with your posts and comments - the first 4 or 5 are displayed on the page. Click / tap to open the slideshow.
  • 10-second Videos
    You can make 10-second videos direct from your webcam and include them in posts the same way you do with photos.
  • Emoticons
    Coms provides 81 expressive emoticons which you can use in your posts and comments.
  • Editing / deleting
    You can edit or delete any of your posts and comment, and remove any of your photos.
  • Groups
    You can create your own groups and join already-existing groups to focus on specific topics. All groups are open to the public and anyone can join, while group owners can expel and even ban members from the group.
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