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P2P Encrypted Messaging App

Coms Messenger encrypted messaging app uses webRTC to connect web-browsers in private peer-to-peer sessions in which media streams (video+audio+data) are exchanged in the utmost privacy. Only full P2P-connectivity using webRTC provides this sublime level of security.
Coms Messenger transfers text and data between web browsers over webRTC data channels, encrypted in transit using TLS/https and encrypted again for storage on your device - this is true end-to-end encryption. When not P2P connected, messages are encrypted and stored temporarily on the server until the recipient collects them.
 To enter the Coms Messenger window, click the Messages button on the Home page after logging in. Inbox presents a list of ongoing chats, showing your Contact's name and the last message sent. Click or tap one to open the chat dialog.


Inbox gives you a select-to-open list of your ongoing conversations and the Contacts Button, from where new conversations are started.
This is your Inbox. Green marks messages you have read and red marks messages you have not read. Click / tap to open the Chat Dialog. Use the "Light" button to switch between light and dark modes and the Contacts button to see your list of Contacts and start a new dialog.

Chat Dialog

Click Inbox to return to your Inbox. If your Contact is logged in, you can start a video call from the Call button.
Click the Trash icon to delete these messages from your device.
To start a new conversation, select the recipient's name ...
Click the Contacts button to get a list of all your Contacts. Select one to enter the chat dialog.
Since webRTC connect browsers together in temporary private networks, there is no webserver in the middle and therefore no way the messages can be read by any third party. Of course, for this to work, the web browsers must be P2P connected (peer-to-peer) and the data channels established, typically done by connecting in a video call.
As a fall-back, then, for use it times when the browsers are not connected over webRTC, Coms sends messages encrypted by TLS/https to the web server, where they are encrypted again and stored, waiting for the recipient to collect them.
If the recipient is on Coms at that time, the messages are on the web server for less than 3 seconds.
Messages are deleted from the web server as soon as the recipient reads them, leaving no trace, and encrypted again for storage on the user's device.
 This makes Coms Messenger the most secure encrypted messaging app imaginable! Your privacy is protected and guaranteed by the nature of the technology. No-one scans, analyses or shares your messages, nothing is stored in a cookie, and big-data gets zero!
 IMPORTANT!!! Be sure to protect your device with a good strong password. It's also most secure to log out of Coms when you're done, but it's more convenient to just close it. You can choose to stay logged in and have Coms open Messenger automatically at start up.
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