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Private Video Calling App

Enter the P2P Call Studio via the Call Studio button in the main menu or via the Call button in Chatter or Messenger. You are first presented with the menu bar.
Click the Menu icon to open the menu
See How to make a video call for Camera and Microphone controls.
Click Auto Answer to switch Auto Answer on or off. When on, incoming calls are answered automatically and your outgoing video stream can be your webcam, a video that you are playing, or a screenshare.
Click Snapshot to take a still photo of the video. You can then right-click and save the image.
Click Start Screenshare to share your screen. See Screen Sharing
Click Play video file to select and stream a video from your computer. See Video File Streaming
Click Video Recorder to record the video stream. See Video Recording
The webcam button shows / hides your webcam.
The microphone button mutes/ activates your microphone.
The Text button shows/ hides the text messenger.
The Fullscreen button enters / exits fullscreen view.
Click the Contacts icon to open the Contacts list.
Click a Contact's name to start a video call.
Switch between the Contacts list and the Groups list using the Contacts Online and Groups buttons
Click a Group name to start a group video call.

webRTC Video Calling

Coms video calls are completely secure, because they're built on webRTC (Real Time Communication) technology.

webRTC Magic

P2P Encrypted Communications

Private messaging & video calls,
peer-to-peer for maximum security
webRTC connects web browsers together in temporary private networks and transfers video + audio and data streams encrypted over TLS/https directly from device to device without going via a web server.
Since communication streams directly peer-to-peer with no "man-in-the-middle", the system is entirely secure and Coms can confidently claim to be the safest private video calling app imaginable!
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