Coms - Get Started

Get Started with Coms

  There are just a few things you need to do to start using Coms effectively - let's go through them one by one ...
  Coms requires the latest Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or Safari - there is no guarantee that it will function properly in any other browser. Best results are in Google Chrome for Windows or Android.


  Access your Coms settings via the Settings button on the home page after logging in.
Settings contains:
  • Password
    Change your password here any time you want to.
  • Notifications
    We recommend that you select to Enable Offline Notifications. You will receive these notifications when you are not logged in and when you are logged in but the Coms window is not onscreen.
    Notifications alert you to incoming calls, messages and contact requests.
    Web notifications are supported by all desktop and mobile browsers except Apple Safari.


  You need to add your friends, family and work colleagues to your list of contacts. On the Contacts page, you can send invites by SMS if you're in Google Chrome for Android, or send invites internally to those who already have Coms usernames. Go to How to make a Contact Request and follow the instructions there.
  For reasons of privacy and security you cannot import Contacts / Friends from other social media platforms - you should contact your friends there separately and tell them to sign up at, go to the Contacts page, and send a contact request to you.

Webcam and Microphone

  To set up your webcam and microphone, go to How to make a Video Call and follow the instructions there.

Install the PWA (Add to Home)

  Installing Coms PWA (also called "Add to Home") is highly recommended because it enables Coms to run in a stand-alone window and behave like an app rather than the browser it's running in. Using "web-push" notifications it can alert you to new messages and calls when you are not onsite, it starts lightening-fast and it can operate partially without an internet connection too.
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