Coms - Make a Contact Request

How to make a Contact request

You can send Coms contact requests from the Contacts page.
If you are using Google Chrome for Android, you can invite your phone contacts by SMS.
On the Contacts page, hit the New Contact button.
Type in the person's Coms username and hit Send, or invite your phone contacts by SMS.
Your request is sent to the user that you want to contact and you have to wait for their response.
You can also copy the invitation text to your system clipboard, edit it if need be, and send by email or any other messenger. When you receive a contact request, you are notified like this:
Go to the Contacts page and focus on the new contacts drop-down list at the top of the page.
Accept or Decline the contact request.
If you accept the request, the requesting user is notified like this:
If you decline, the requesting user is not notified.
On the Contacts page there are buttons labelled Remove which delete Contacts from your list.
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