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How to make a video call

To make a video call in Coms Private Communicator you first have to enter the Call Studio via this button
on the Coms home page.
At top right you'll see the Call Studio top menu.
Click the Menu icon to open the functions menu.
Both the Camera and Microphone buttons have settings for starting Coms with those devices on or off - you may want to start calls with voice only, or P2P messaging only, for example.
The Camera button displays a list of webcams connected to your computer, so if you have more than one you can select the one you want to use.
The Microphone button displays a list of microphones connected to your computer, so if you have more than one you can select the one you want to use.
Coms remembers your choices for next time. (These choices are not available on mobile devices).
This is what the other top menu buttons do ...
The webcam button hides / shows your webcam.
The microphone button mutes / activates your microphone.
The Text button opens / closes the text messenger.
The Fullscreen button switches in / out of fullscreen view.
Never mind the rest of the Call Studio functions for now, focus on the Contacts button in the top menu - it has three states:
Grey means none of your contacts are online.
Green means one or more of your contacts are online and available for calls.
The Contacts button is red when you are in a call.
Let's assume that some of your contacts are online, hit the Contacts button to see the list
then select the one that you want to call.
NOTE: You can start a call with your webcam hidden and your microphone muted, but Coms requires the media streams from them to establish the call.
The caller sees this: Hit Cancel to cancel the call.
The callee sees this - and can Answer or Reject the call.
In a moment the call will start and you'll be seeing and chatting with each other. You can add more people to the call by selecting their names from the Contacts list.
To end the call, hit the red Contacts button in the top menu.
You can also use the text messenger during calls - hit the text button in the top menu to open and close it.
NOTE: During calls messages and data travel peer-to-peer from device to device, bypassing the webserver, so it's lightning quick. This is the best time to transfer images and files.
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