Coms - How to Message a Contact

How to message a Contact

To send a message to a Contact, first enter Coms Encrypted Messenger via this button

on the Coms home page, or this button
in the video-call window.
Inbox presents a list of ongoing conversations.
The ones marked with a red dot are new messages that you have not yet seen. Select the one that you want to continue - that takes you to the Message Dialog.
If there are no ongoing conversations, Inbox is empty - use the New Message button to get a list of all your Contacts.
Select one to start a new conversation - that takes you to the Message Dialog.
The Message Dialog is laid out in the familiar way, showing the message stream with an input box and Send button.
Type your message and hit Send.
You can use emoticons too, and send photos or document files.
The Location button gets your geo-location coordinates and sends a link to a Google Maps page which pinpoints your position. This is one-time operation which does not track your location.
The buttons at the top have the following functions ...
  Open menu from left
  New message
  Return to Inbox
  Delete conversation
  Video call
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