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How to message a Contact

To send a message to a Contact in Coms Private Communicator, first enter Coms Messenger via this button.

on the Coms home page, or this button
on the Call Studio page.
NOTE: Messages are transferred via the webserver until you establish a P2P connection by calling your Contact in Call Studio - then they are transferred directly - peer-to-peer - without going via the webserver.
Inbox presents a list of ongoing chats.
The ones marked with a red dot are new messages that you have not yet seen. Select the chat you want to continue - that takes you to the Chat Dialog.
If there are no ongoing chats, Inbox is empty and you should hit the Contacts button to get a list of all your Contacts.
Select one to start a new chat - that takes you to the Chat Dialog.
The Chat Dialog is laid out in the familiar way, showing the chat-stream with an input box and Send button.
Type your message and hit Send.
You can use emoticons too, and send photos or document files - the buttons for those are beside the Send button.
The buttons at the top have the following functions ...
 Return to Inbox.
 Start a video call.
 Delete all messages in this conversation.
 Switch between Light and Dark modes.
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