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How to place links in Coms Chatter posts

To place a link to another page in a Coms Chatter post, you can type the URL, or paste it or drag it in.
Links must start with www or http:// or https:// and they must be followed by a space. The combination of those starting letters and the space enables Coms to convert the link text into a hyperlink while uploading your post.
Chatter posts can be formatted in other ways too.
These are the text-formatting buttons available in the post editor - only in browsers on desktop PCs. (Mobile devices have their own formatting tools).
To use these buttons, first select the text whose font you want to style, then click the appropriate button.
H makes the text into a larger-font Header.
B makes the text bold.
I makes the text italic.
U underlines the text.
To color the text, click the color selector to set the color you want, then select the text and click the color box.
Links to your Chatter page
To create direct links to your Coms Chatter page that you can place in emails, social media posts, forums, websites, use the URL and add the hash "#" character followed by your Coms $un, replacing spaces with underlines "_" - like this:
That link ends up at, it opens Coms Chatter and displays your Chatter page.
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