Coms - How to Stay Logged In

How to stay logged in to Coms

To "stay logged in" to Coms, tick the checkbox below the password field in the log-in form.
What does it mean - to "stay logged in" ?
When you close Coms - swipe it away, close the browser tab - Coms can forget everything about you until your next log-in, or it can remember enough to restart exactly where you left it.
When you've chosen to "stay logged in" you can just close Coms to quit ... next time you start, you are still logged in and Coms will resume where you were.

Secure pesistent login

Some background: It is common practice for the browser and the webserver to completely forget each other when the user leaves the website. Sometimes this happens immediately, sometimes after a delay controlled by the webserver - 20 minutes is common. When this happens, the server does not recognize the browser and the user must log in again, starting a new "session" on the website.
This is where the Keep me logged in option controls whether "persistent-login" is on on off.
There are several ways in which a website can allow users to stay logged in after closing the browser window - at Coms we use a secure cookie, the kind that cannot be tampered with.
NOTE: This is the one-and-only cookie that Coms uses, and it is optional. It is also wonderfully convenient!
The cookie - a string of random letters and numbers - identifies your browser when you go to The webserver looks for the cookie string in the database, checks a few other things, and, if everything is correct, logs you in automatically.
Having by-passed the manual log-in, Coms can then open straight into the display of your messages. Only the browser which carries the cookie will log in automatically - any other browser will require manual log-in.
This is the function turned on and off by the Keep me logged in checkbox.

Device Security and pesistent login

IMPORTANT: If someone gets access to your computer / laptop / mobile and you have not secured it with a personal password, fingerprint or eye-scan, and your browser has the cookie, that person will be able to act as you inside your account if the browser logs in automatically.
Therefore, as with all apps providing the convenience of persistent login, it is best practice to secure your device against general-access so that apps can safely remain responsive in the background.
Used responsibly, Keep me logged in is both safe and highly convenient.
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