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Preventing the Spread of Fake News

It is far too easy to spread fake news and disinformation on social media, and ComsChatter attempts to limit the damage through its socially-concious sharing paradigm.
  • Fake news spreads six times faster than true news
  • Fake news grabs our attention more than authentic information
  • Fake news has unexpected content which elicits emotional responses
  • Social media algorithms exacerbate the problem
The primary problem is though that so many people share and repost without thinking, without first finding confirmation of the information they want to promote.
One shares to many, many share to even more, and before you know it there are thousands, even millions, of copies of the original disinformation all over the web, misleading the people and trampling on the truth.

But not on Coms ...

On ComsChatter, only the post owner can share a post, and only to a Chatter Group to which s/he belongs. The post is not copied, but also appears in the group it's been shared to.
The popularity of ComsChatter posts is driven by comments - each new comment moves its post to the top of the Chatter stream, causing engaging posts to stay popular while others slip away.
Posts can also be shared offsite to Facebook, Twitter and others, which may seem inconsistent policy, by we believe that people discerning enough to choose Coms in the first place will have little desire to do so, and any posts which are shared externally will actually be share-worthy. (External shares help Coms too because they contain a link back to the original post).
Since Chatter posts cannot be duplicated, they stay under the control of the original poster, who can moderate comments (delete or report) or delete the post completely if need be.
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