encrypted messaging and video calls
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Group Conference Call App supports group video conference calls of up to four participants, more on powerful computers. You can create and manage video call groups for work, family and friends and enjoy group video conferencing in complete privacy and security.
  The conference video call feature of the Coms web app also supports screen-sharing which is an excellent way to show others in the group call what you want them to see.
  To start a Group call, click the Private Video Calls image on the Home page after logging in, then click the Contacts icon, then click Groups.
 Click a Group name to start a group video call.
You create and maintain these Groups in the My Contacts section. Click My Contacts on the Home page, then click Edit Groups.
To create a new Group, click New Group. Enter the Group name and at least three Group members. Finally, click Save.
To edit a Group, click the Group name. Type in new names, add and remove members using the + and - buttons. Finally, click Save.
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