encrypted messaging and video calls

Secure File Transfer

  Peer-to-peer file-transfer is available during Coms voice / video calls, because that's when the P2P data channel is open and files can be sent directly, bypassing the webserver. Using https://, the data channel connection is end-to-end-encrypted and lightening fast.
  You can also transfer images in Coms messenger when not in a video call. These transfers are slower because they go via the webserver.
  NOTE: The data contained in a file transfer is not stored on your device, to conserve storage space. Files should be downloaded to your downloads folder - by clicking the file-icon which arrives in your message dialogue - before switching to a different message stream or closing the app. Images transferred in a message session are stored in your browser's storage cache.
  To select a file or image: Click FILE at bottom left.
  Browse and select your file - it appears in your text-box just like any other message.
  Hit SEND to transfer the file.
Files arrive in the message stream and are presented by an icon with the file name. Click to download to your device - they are stored in your downloads folder.
  Remember, though, files can contain something other than they claim, so download only files from partners you trust, and by-all-means scan them before opening.
  Maximum file size is about 1mb ( 1024 * 1024 ), and varies from browser to browser.
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