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Video Recording

This document covers recording video in CallStudio.
See also ComsChatter 10-second videos. saves .webm video files by recording the stream from
  • Your webcam
  • A screen-share
  • A video file on your device / computer
  • The incoming stream when in a call
When you are not in a call, you can record from your webcam, a screen-share, or video file you are playing. When in a call, you can record the incoming stream.
To open the recorder, click Video Recorder in the Video calls window menu.
To start recording, click Record. The button turns red and changes to Stop. Click to stop recording.
The stream is recorded until you click Stop, then it plays back in a loop. You can record again or click Download to save the .webm file in your downloads folder.
This is how you make Auto Answer messages, and it's a way to make videos for your catalog. Search for .webm video editors. .webm videos can be played in any browser, and can stream them out.
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