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Read your messages offline

Coms Private Communicator enables you to read your messages even when you have no internet connection.
You must stay logged in - meaning do not log out - for this to work. Hopefully, the following will explain how it works and what the privacy concerns are ...
For convenience, Coms is configured to open Coms Messenger every time to open the app, as long as you did not log out last time you closed it. On mobile, just swipe Coms away;on desktop, just close the window - the webserver will remember your browser next time you open Coms.
Now, because much of the Coms code and all your messages are stored on your device, Coms Messenger can run without an internet connection, but there are privacy concerns to consider ...
If someone other than you gets access to your computer or mobile, and you have not logged out, they'll get access to your messages and everything else - this is why it's so important to protect your device with a password !!! (They'd get your access to many other websites you did not log out of too.)
Let your computer or device "sleep" when unattended, and require a password to re-open it.
So, if you have not logged out of Coms, at least you have the protection of the device password, and when Coms opens it will first load Messenger from the code and messages stored on your device, and then, if you have an internet connection, it'll load the rest of the site and any online messages.
If you do log out of Coms, you'll be doubly safe of course, but Coms will not start offline.
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